Do you want a certificate?

For certificate just mark the course as finished in the submission software and the certificate link will appear into the submission software after your exercises have been reviewed.

Students in Finland (either finnish or exchange students):

Next you will continue to work on the course in the Moodle online learning platform. Please follow the instructions below to gain access to the course’s Moodle space:

  1. Register for the course through the Open University

  2. Wait for 24 hours and activate your University of Helsinki user ID. You will receive instructions on the activation process the following day.

  3. Sign in on the course page, where you will find the enrolment key for the Moodle space

  4. Sign into the Moodle space with your University of Helsinki user ID and the enrolment key.

Please note!

· Registration for the course through the Open University is possible until Jan 23, 2020.

· Credits for the course are only available to those students who have successfully registered for the course registration through the Open University and have completed the course according to the instructions.

If you want to register to the course and receive ECTS credits and you’re not a student in Finland

Read guide here under “Re­gis­tra­tion without a Finnish per­sonal identity code or on­line bank­ing ID at the Uni­versity’s Ad­mis­sions Services”: