To get a passing grade you have to do every exercise, except you can skip one exercise for each part. You can not “save” skips between parts. Some of the exercises are marked as mandatory and they can not be skipped.


The sign up ends 23.1.2020! The course ends 24.01.2021. After that course is locked and no more submissions can be made or credits earned. Make sure you have also enrolled for the course here before 23.1.2020 if you want to get credits.

General guidance

Do not alter the code of the projects, unless by pull-requests to the original projects

You do not need to touch ruby, java, js or python code during this course. You may have to read their error messages.

Visit the telegram channel if you are stuck!

How to return exercises

Make a repository to github and publish your solutions there in clearly ordered files / folders. If you need help publishing using git you should refer to their guide.

When you have completed a part, use the submission application to mark your exercises. You can not edit a submission so make sure you have completed enough exercises for a part before submitting.

If you have already done parts 1 or 2 in a previous version of the course (during winter 2018) you can skip those parts. But I recommend checking for new exercises that are of interest. In submission application just mark 0s and no exercises completed so the stats don’t break in the SPA app. Give the old submission github repository if you haven’t deleted it. I’ll check your credits and do the math.


There are a few steps you need to do at the end of the course. Read more here.