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This course provides an introduction to container technologies, with a particular focus on Docker and container orchestration using Docker Compose. Containers are a lightweight, portable way to package and deploy software applications. Throughout the course, we'll explore the various components of web services, such as reverse proxies and databases, and how they can be deployed using Docker.

Please note that due to technical limitations, Docker cannot be installed on Department of Computer Science computers. As a result, you will need to use your own computer to follow the examples and complete the exercises in this course.


To be successful in this course, attendees should have access to a computer with admin/superuser privileges. Attendees should also have a general understanding of software development concepts and experience working with a CLI of their choice, including basic commands for navigating the file system, running commands, and manipulating files.

Additionally, basic familiarity with a programming language such as Python or JavaScript would be beneficial, but is not required. If you do not meet these requirements, we recommend that you review our recommended resources for building the necessary skills and knowledge from

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