How do I sign up for the course?

There’s no requirement to sign up for the course until after you’ve completed the exercises and wish to end your course. More details on the completion page.

How many credits are available?

The course is 1-3 ECTS credits depending on the number of completed parts.

The certificate will be available through the submission application. For exchange students and students with Finnish social security number the ECTS credits are available through open university

How do I submit the exercises?

The exercises are submitted to GitHub, and by marking the exercises as done in the exercise submission system. You can read more from here

Do I have to submit each part to a separate repository?

No. You can use one or more repositories, most important is to name everything in a repository clearly.

Can I edit a submission?

No. All exercises for a part must be submitted at the same time. If you marked exercises wrong by accident or wrote the repository name wrong, send an e-mail to

When and how can I get my credits?

You can get your credits after submitting enough exercises for passing the course, passing the course exam and letting us know through the exercise submission system that you are ready with the course.

Do I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, the certificate is available to all who pass the course before the deadline. You can download the certificate after completing the course from the exercise submission system.

How do I extend my 2019 progress?

I may code the feature to copy paste submissions from 2019 to 2020 but for now..

You can simply submit the completed exercises again.

There are a few changes in part 3, so if you did part of the exercises during 2019 or during the downtime make sure to do the new exercises 3.2 and 3.3 from the 2020 version. The exercise numbering is changed so that old 3.3 is now 3.4, 3.4 is 3.5 and so on. Total number of exercises did not change.

If you have already done parts 1 or 2 during winter 2018 you can skip those parts. But I recommend checking for new exercises that are of interest.