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Again we started from the ground up by learning how to translate non-compose setup into docker-compose.yml and ran with it. Compose gave us also a few handy completely new features that we didn't even know we needed, networks.

Now we've learned how to setup up vastly more complex applications with up to 5 different programs running at the same time and they only expose the used ports to the outside world (or even to our machine).

Are we ready for production yet? Short answer: no. Long answer: depends on the situation. Good thing we have part 3

Remember to mark your exercises into the submission application! Instructions on how and what to submit are on the getting started page.

ECTS Credits‚Äč

Enrolling after each part is required for the ECTS credits. Now that you have completed part 2 use the following link to enroll in this course:

If you wish to end in this part and not do the following parts, follow the instructions at the bottom of getting started page


  • Enrollment for the course through the Open University is possible until June 18th, 2023.

  • Credits for the course are only available to those students who have successfully enrolled on the course through the Open University and have completed the course according to the instructions.